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Below is my design portfolio and examples of my graphic and website work. If you like minimalist style, you are in the right place.

My design is simple, but please let it not mislead you, sometimes less is more, and minimalistic approach can convey the message better than the complex one.


Company making bespoke furniture.

Children’s book

“Kevin the kangaroo that couldn’t hop”

Business Psychologist and Coach

Accountancy services

"...Furthermore Natalia also designed, developed and produced an accompanying promotional website for the book, pro-actively learning most of the methods and techniques by teaching herself from scratch. Natalia has been a formidable and fantastic force without whom this project would never have eventuated, having initiated and overseen every step from 'go to whoa'..."
Jonathan Elabor MCSP SRP OLY
Senior Physiotherapist & Author

brand identity

'S for Stability' Business Psychologist and Coach

Logo based on ying and yang. Letter “s” is for stability and also it is a first letter of client’s surname.

Blue sends message of security and professionalism.

White represents a new beginning.

Very dark grey, almost black in contrast with white and blue creates balance.

‘Centrum uwagi’ psychotherapy practice

Translation: centre of attention

The rings represent what makes us human, all the sorrows and happy moments, decisions we make and doubts we’ve got.

In the centre there is a man – a black dot. Orange radiates warmth, comforts people, prompts cheerfulness. Grey doesn’t take sides. Light grey is soothing and calming, it saves and rescues those in difficult life situations. Dark grey is serious and solemn, relates to self-denial and self-discipline. Black is mysterious, doesn’t like to show emotions, but also represent power and control.

'Human nature’ coaching, counselling

Holistic approach to personal development. Additional services: Translations, marketing, training courses

The name has a double meaning. Human nature – as everything what makes us human and also:

Human  – coaching counselling, training, meditation; Nature – sustainable development, ecology, holistic approach, responsible business

Grey capital letters send message of stability, strength and reliability, make people feel that they will be taken care of. Grey colour is soothing and calming. Letter T in a shape of a man represents human nature and it’s in green to show a connection to nature, arms up in a shape of a smile bring positive feeling.


desktop publishing (DTP)

kevin the kangaroo that couldn't hop BEFORE
kevin the kangaroo that couldn't hop AFTER

Children's book "Kevin the kangaroo that couldn't hop"

Graphic layout of children’s book “Kevin the kangaroo that couldn’t hop” including edited scanned colour illustrations for the purpose of making colouring book.