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brand identity

You have started a new business. You know what you want to sell or what services to provide. Now it’s time to develop your company’s identity, which is similar to human personality. It is what makes your company unique. Think of your company as a person.

Elements of brand identity

Brand identity consist of the following elements and each of the elements sends a message to your potential customers. This is going to be one of your ways of communication:

  • Name – it’s all about making a good first impression, this is the first thing your future customer will see. What words come to your mind when you think about your business? If you want to promote yourself as a brand, it can be your name.
  • Logo – similar as with your company name, it’s about making a good first impression. It can be your company name (logotype),  an image/icon (logomark) or combination of both.
  • Colours – colours have meanings and can evoke different reactions in people, so they have to be chosen carefully and represent your company values
  • Typography – depending on what typeface ( e.g. Arial) you chose, your company may be seen as modern, old-fashioned, elegant or playful.

Definining your brand identity - questionnaire

 You will learn all about the above during our designing process but before we start our design journey I will email you a link to a questionnaire and ask you to answer some questions, e.g.

  • What are your company values?
  • What is your story?
  • What does your company do?

We will discuss it, I will show you my ideas and together we will create your brand identity. The identity that will distinguish your company from others on the market. The next step is to create a home for your brand – SEO friendly website.

If you only want to refresh your brand – update your logo, colours and typography – I can help you with that too.

I have worked with Natalia in the context of three projects of mine. Natalia is a professional in every bit of her work. As a photographer and graphic designer she has a huge sense of aesthetics and perspective. She has an eye for detail and intuitively senses the client’s needs. Needless to say, that she is creative and flexible in the process of creation, she always puts the client’s intention first, never forces her preferences over the client’s ideas...
Kamila Wujec
Human Nature

SEO friendly website design

You’ve got your brand identity – logo, colours, fonts. Now it’s time to build a home – a brand new SEO friendly website.

Did you know that 39% of all websites are built with WordPress?  I’m using it too, as I think it’s a tool with never ending possibilities. I will design a bespoke website for you, making sure that your visitors will have the best experience.

I can also help you with finding the right hosting, publishing and SEO optimisation plus I can offer you a regular maintenance making sure that your website is running smoothly and is up to date.

logo design

Designing a logo is the most important part of developing your brand identity. It is what makes your company to stand out. It can communicates in a straightforward way with an image showing what you do or with an abstract graphic element.

I will ask you some questions about your company and then will present you with my ideas.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t like them straight away. Designing a logo is a complex process and often the one you like the least at first is the one you decide to have at the end. I want you to be the part of the designing process and we will discuss them further and I will show you more ideas until you’re completely happy with the final result.

marketing materials design and DTP

Leaflets, brochures, business cards, headed papers, notebooks….

whatever are your marketing needs I can deliver them – from designing straight to your door.

"Her open mind and imagination allowed combining business communication with graphics, and her flexibility in communication and understanding of my needs as a client led to the discovery of the optimal graphic concept for my company..."
Anna Sobczak
Business Psychologist & Coach