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reportage family and children photography

Would you like to have your special life moments captured to keep them and remember forever?

They might be celebrations like family gatherings and birthday parties or just your normal days – spending time with your children or with your partner, maybe with your dog or a cat? Or maybe you’ve just had a new baby?

The pictures I take tell the story. I’m specializing in a reportage family and children photography. This kind of photography doesn’t include posing (unless specifically requested by the client), it’s more about observing and pressing the shutter in the right moment.

No more artificial smiles and keeping your eyes wide open while waiting for the photographer to press the shutter. I will be there, quietly, in the background watching and capturing your special moments.

I value Natalia for giving the clients space to express themselves during the photo shoot. She does not impose her idea for a photo, she just watches and presses the shutter, seizing the best moment – like freezing the movie frame. The natural environment of reportage photography emphasizes the context of the expressed emotions and their importance for the clients. Even in business portraits, Natalia brings the most important message out from the client’s face – gentleness through a smile, sincerity through eyes, or courage by raising the chin - it emphasises the authenticity of the person and the situation, important in business as well.
Anna Sobczak
Business Psychologist & Coach

business portraits

Would you like to stand out from the crowd?

You’ve got only one chance to make a good first impression. A professional business portrait will help you to achieve that. Whether you need it for your website or for marketing materials I’m here for you.

interiors photography

Would you like your business to distinguish from others on the market?

You’ve just moved to a new office, or maybe just opened a restaurant and need photographs to promote your business. I will not only supply you with quality pictures, I can also design your marketing materials. Contact me and we will discuss the details.